MDS sells a wide range of Slitter Rewinding Machinery to service customers looking for both a quality product as well as good value. Reliant has been providing converting machinery solutions to the world market since 1967. Our Slitter Rewinders are built in our manufacturing plant in Philadelphia Pennsylvania by a team of expert machine builders with over 40 years of machine building experience.

MDS sells a line of Slitter Rewinders with a proven design giving our customers converting equipment solutions that will serve them for a lifetime at a price that can’t be beat. From our Junior slitter rewinder that provides a basic slitter rewinder to a more advanced high-speed dual turret slitter rewinders that serve those who need fast rewind speeds and continuous run time, MDS has a solution to fit your needs.


  • Shear Slitting
  • Score, or Crush-cut, Slitting
  • Razor Slitting in Air, or Groove
  • Hot Knife Slitting
  • Burst Knife Slitting
  • Integrating Ultrasonic Slitting
  • Various Slitting Combinations


  • Simplex or Duplex Center Winding Technology
  • Shafted Design with Drop-in or Cantilevered Shafts
  • Shaftless Designs with Floor Pick-up
  • Surface Winding with Differential Roller Speeds and Adjustable Pressure Rollers
  • Center-Surface Winding for Sensitive Materials
  • Spooling Options for Narrow Tapes and Ribbons
  • Turreted Rewind Designs with Auto-cut off


  • Tension/speed control for integrating into an existing line
  • Integrated bowed rollers and spreader rollers
  • Web guiding
  • Splice tables, hot wire or adhesive tape solutions
  • Length counters/batch counters
  • Full-width or individual lay-on rollers
  • Differential winding and coreless winding

Quality Components

  • TILT PLATE SAFETY CHUCKS – allows easy and safe installation of air shafts in both the Unwind and Rewind. Self closing to prevent shaft release
  • EXPANDABLE AIR SHAFTS – Air Shafts require no tools to use, transmit torque to the drive and are lightweight and easy to load and unload.
  • WELDED STEEL CONSTUCTION – Welded frames maintain their alignment and are more sturdy and robust than bolted framework here – thick steel side plates and heavy duty sheet metal cabinetry ensure that your equipment will last for years to come.
  • SLITTER KNIVES – Industry standard slitting knives with Score Slitters, Shear Slitters, Hot Knife and Razor. We purchase from the same name brand suppliers the as the leading converting machine manufacturers worldwide.
  • EDGE GUIDE – Accuweb edge guide systems are used on all of our Slitter Rewinders as they are proven to be reliable, accurate and easy to use.
  • TENSION CONTROLLERS – Tension controllers solutions from Magpower, a international leader in tension control solutions.
  • IDLERS – Aluminum extruded idlers from Componex. Balanced, true and free running, we have found that Componex idlers are superior to other suppliers – hands down.
  • BRAKES AND CLUTCHES – All of our pneumatic brakes and clutches are supplied by Nexen. Nexen has a track record of proven converting power transmission solutions
  • CONTROLS AND DRIVES – all of our electronic components are purchased from suppliers in the USA with replacement parts that are readily available, most often off the shelf
  • POWER TRANSMISSION – Our bearings and gearboxes are all purchased from recognizable suppliers with stock components readily available in stock at many local distributors.

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