MDS Power Drive Surface Slitter
Another Example of MDS Power Drive Surface Slitter

Two drum surface winders increase slitter rewinder production at the same time reduce waste and increase roll quality. Surface winders provide excellent control of roll density for many materials. Most often used for large diameter rolls of Non-Wovens and paper board but can also be effective with coated paper, tissue and laminates.

  • Up to 201” wide
  • Up to 60” rewind diameter
  • Razor, Score and Shear knife slitters
  • Splice tables for continuous runs
  • Automatic Tension Control
  • Air shafts
  • In-Line or stand alone Unwinds
  • Speeds up to 1200 fmp
  • Options for Bowed rolls to separate slits and or remove wrinkles
  • Good for foams, Non wovens, laminates, coated and uncoated paper and printed media