MDS Power Wind Turret Slitter
Another Example of MDS Power Wind Turret Slitter

Our innovative and productive line of Turret Slitter Rewinders offer non-stop slitting and rewinding which can out produce standard slitters as much as 200%. Turret winders minimize down time between rewind roll groups, offering the greatest advantage on high volume. The simplicity of Turret winders also benefits short length runs that require lots of changeovers – no waiting between runs – keep the rolls going!

  • Up to 96” wide
  • Up to 36” rewind diameter
  • Razor, Score and Shear knife slitters
  • In-line or with Stand alone Unwind
  • Auto web cut and roll changeover
  • Automatic Tension Control
  • Cantilever and drop in rewind shaft configurations
  • Air shafts and differential shafts available
  • Safety Chucks
  • Speeds up to 1200 fpm
  • Good for Flexible packaging, films, laminations, paper, films and non-wovens